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The Undying

An unofficial add-in game modification for Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.

Callisto T'sarren's Stats

  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Fighter/Berserker
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • STR 17
  • DEX 18
  • CON 16
  • INT 15
  • WIS 11
  • CHA 12

Callisto came from a village called Sylla'cerra. She was orphaned at an early age after a band of drow raiders and traitorous surface elves attacked her village and killed every adult and most of the children living there. She watched as her parents were brutally hacked to death and the village razed to the ground. She defended her sister when one a surface elves lunged at her with a sword. Callisto was cut across the face instead of her sister taking the blow. For her noble efforts she was held down as the traitorous surface elf decapitated her sister before her very eyes.

With very few survivors left, the two drow leaders ordered that the surviving children be rounded up, thrown in a pit and have the bloody bodies of the villagers stacked on top of them, for their sick amusement of the drow leaders. The children were left this way until a merchant caravan came to the village a few days later. They found out what happened and rescued the surviving children. By this time most of the "survivors" were nothing more than raving lunatics. Little is known about her after this until several years later when she reached adulthood.

Callisto organized an army after she reached adulthood. She used it to find all of those responsible for the Sylla'cerra massacre. They traveled throughout the Realms looking for all of those responsible but she never found the surface elf who killed her sister and the two drow commanders, who above all others she wanted dead.

After a while her army deserted her after they got to know how insane and obsessed she really was. There were times when she would wipe out whole villages because they had a former raider make their home there or simply because they happen to know one of raiders. She would follow leads based on trivial or non-existent facts and act on them. On a brief stop over in Amn she awoke and found her army had broken up and left her by herself.

She is now looking for help to get her revenge on the surviving raiders.

Ninafer's Stats

  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Fighter/Mage
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • STR 15
  • DEX 18
  • CON 12
  • INT 18
  • WIS 09
  • CHA 11

Ninafer, or Nina, as she likes her friends to call her, is a defender of the goddess Mystra and of the Weave. She dislikes magic being used for evil and will battle those who use it that way. She does not shed much light on her past, but she's said a few things on it. She was an orphan at a very young age and was raised by her "Uncle" Therian. He is not her real uncle or related to her, but it's a name by which she lovingly calls him. He taught her how to master the sword and perform magic. Uncle Therian taught Nina that magic should be respected and never abused for one's own evil personal gain. She learned these lessons well and took Mystra as her patron goddess.

Nina is a headstrong, determined person, which can lead her into trouble at times. She is very devout to Mystra and the Weave to the point of being fanatical. She is still young in elven years and has much to learn. One of the lessons she could learn is to enjoy what life has to offer and not be so duty-bound.

She has ventured from her home in search of what life has to offer. She has heard much about the traveler from Candlekeep and looks forward to joining him/her in the quest to rescue Imoen and stop Irenicus.