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The Undying

An unofficial add-in game modification for Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.

Deadly Encounters, Callisto's Quest for Revenge.
Valis the Weak

Valis the weak should be your first encounter. He is a pale shadow of his former self, life has been hard on him. Perhaps his years of crime got the better of him, perhaps he has a guilty conscience for his crimes he has comitted over the years. It matters not to Callisto, revenge is all that matters. You will find him beneath the Slums District in the sewers.

Marius the Arrogant Assassin

Marius is a cocky elf, one who is a ladies man, so full of his abilities, so full of himself that he believes he can take on your party by himself. Callisto has a burning hatred for this elven traitor, nothing would please her more than to gut him and show him his innards before he fell over dead. He can be found upstairs in the Five Flagons.

Cormak and His Merry Men

Cormak and his band of merry men are nothing but low life theives and cut throats. Don't shed any tears for their demise, even their own mothers wouldn't miss them. Callisto would be pleased to send them into the Afterlife. Cormak can be found in Umar Hills out in the forest.

Soran and Callisto's Former Army

Soran Callisto's former right hand man and what is left of her army. They really would like to go their seperate way from her, but Callisto would rather seperate their heads from their bodies. They can be found in Umar Hills, south of where you found Cormak. After you destroyed Cormak and his friends that is.

We Made You

Time to take a trip to the Underdark where you will meet the drow Aliska and Nastor. They're your typical drow with a sick sense of humor with an odd twist. This quest should be undertaken when your party is powerful because they are powerful themselves. The secrets of Callisto are revealed.