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Alexia Stats

Alexia Kalila Johara Al-Mustafa

Race: Half elf
Class: Thief/Assassin
Alignment: Neutral Evil

STR 15
DEX 18
CON 13
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 08


Alexia Kalila Johara Al-Mustafa or X as she has been known to go by, claims she's from the city of Calimport from the country of Calimshan. Soft spoken and quiet, she tends to keep to herself and says little to anyone. She is a well trained assassin who can get to anyone no matter how many traps or people are protecting her target. She enjoys the challenges present to get to her target. She's not a braggart but she does excel at being the best she is. Her calling card is leaving a note with an X on the body of her target and all witnesses are generally killed. Alexia does not belong to any guilds, she works alone and takes on contracts to her liking. One such contract is killing Irenicus, which is why she wishes to join your group.