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Alexia NPC Mod for Baldur's Gate 2

Who is Alexia?

Alexia Kalila Johara Al-Mustafa

Kalila - Sweetheart, beloved
Johara - Jewel
Al-Mustafa - To be pure

From the Al-Mustafa family of Calimport. Her father was involved in the criminal underworld and made a mistake by angering the wrong people. This lead to having a hit put on him and his family. The Dark Rose Brotherhood take on the contract and fulfill it or so they thought.

Alexia left as an orphan on the street for some time and finds out who the people were that assassinated her family. All leads point to the Dark Rose Brotherhood.

She joins the Dark Rose Brotherhood by pick pocketing one of their senior members multiple times until she reveals it was her that was stealing from him. Seeing the talent in her this person brings Alexia into the guild making her the first female to be allowed. She is trained for a few years until Mierlak El Desharrif takes notice of Alexia's talent and finishes her training himself.

Alexia makes a name for herself in the Calimport underworld. What she does is classified for now.

And now the present:
In a male dominated Calimport she gains respect in the criminal underground by being the best assassin since Artemis Entreri. She eventually leaves the city to apply her trade in Amn where she takes on a contract to kill Irenicus. Also here she will take on contracts from the Shadow Thieves, a middle man proposes these contracts to her, never revealing his employer/employers... yet.



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