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Alexia Items

Custom Items

Alexia is skilled in the use of various weapons but prefers the crossbow above any others. She prefers to kill her target from a distance than up close and personal. Her personal items come from the Dark Rose Brotherhood when she was a member of that organization.

Alexia's Light Crossbow

This crossbow was made for Alexia while she was a member of the Dark Rose Brotherhood. It has been enchanted so it can only be used by her.


THAC0: +2 bonus
Damage: +2 (missile)
+3 Electrical damage
Special: 1 extra attack per round
Weight: 5
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Crossbow
Type: 2-handed
Requires: 8 Strength
Usable By:

Alexia's Long Sword

This is one of many variations of the Dark Rose Brotherhood swords. This sword happens to give off the fiery heat of the Calimshite deserts.


THAC0: +2 bonus
Damage: 1D8 +3
+3 fire damage
Damage type: slashing
Weight: 2
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Long sword
Type: 1-handed
Requires: 6 Strength
Not Usable By:
Beast Master

Alexia's Leather Armor

This is the Dark Rose Brotherhood armor that has been enchanted for Alexia.


Bonuses: +20% to hide in shadows
+10% set traps bonus
Armor Class: 3
Weight: 5
Requires: 3 Strength
Usable By: