Yasraena Mod

Excellent portrait done by XVIII.

This is the page where you can download the Yasraena BGII--SoA & ToB NPC mod.

Praise for Yasraena:
Yasraena is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine. She doesn't come with a lot of goodies, yet is still an asset to the party. (Wistrik)

Good job on the mod. (Kain)

Firstly thanks for making such an awesome COOL mod. (Twinblades2)

Even without an entire romance, the lovely drow *deserves* a spot in my party. She makes a worthy companion and a good friend. (Moongaze)

This is the thread for all those who want to thank you for this wonderful mod......I've already decided Yasraena will be ALWAYS in my party.....Great mod indeed. (Keltosh)

She's proven to be a real cool NPC to have around. I'm starting to like really fast. And the portrait is...WOW. (Atlasia)

This mod kicks ass. (Lilandra)

Baldur's Gate II has many excellent NPCs. The NPC/NPC banter is, in fact, part of what makes BGII so appealing. Sometimes, though, do you find yourself scrolling through the banters because you already know what they say? This is where mods come in, of course. The Yasraena Mod is full of banters, and it adds two quests to SoA and an encounter to ToB. Yasraena is a good drow, with a background to explain her good tendencies. She has original weapons, unusuable by other characters but droppable, placeable in her inventory--but only hers! Yasraena is quite attached to her weapons. She is fully voiced as well, with a delicious portrait done by the excellent XVIII. Enjoy!

Version history:
v15: - Enconded the translation files to work with the Enhanced Editions.
- Fixed the upgraded Fireflow sword so it does fire damage and doesn't harm the user.
v14: - Updated the mod to be compatible with Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.
v13: - Updated French translation by Ixyon.
v12: - Added Polish translation by Ilphalar.
v11: - White Agnus' Continue() fix in Scripts/YSAR0603.baf
- White Agnus' unsellable flags for Items/FIREFLO2.ITM, FIREFLOW.ITM, IRONKIS2.ITM, IRONKISS.ITM
- Lollorian's !Dead(Myself) correction in Scripts/YSDEMON.baf
- Added Russian translation by Hallyafae, ArtBerserker & aerie.ru [adapted for v.10 by prowler]
- Changed to README command
- Moved Setup-Yasraena.tp2 and Setup-YasraenaAudioUninstall.bat into the mod folder
- Updated to WeiDU v215
v10: - Added Spanish translation by Clan DLAN
- Traified YSFIX.baf
- Added all languages for YSFIX.tra
- Dialogues fix in YASRAENJ.d
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-YasraenaAudioInstall.bat
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-YasraenaAudioUninstall.bat
- Deleted old version numbers in each setup.tra
- Added VERSION flag
- Updated WeiDU v210
V9: Added French translation by Ixyon.
v8: Added German translation by Fey.
v7: Fixed a bug causing Jaheira or Aerie to talk even if they were not in the party.
Added additional reactions from a whole heap of non-joinable NPCs.
Removed the adamantite shield from the drow in TOB.
Fixed Divalir-betrayal-to-Tsabrak bug.
Fixed Viconia's reaction to Yasraena "romance".

v6: Corrected continuity problem with Divalir spawning into Suldanessellar.
Added additional scripting to make sure Yasraena does not safely carry any drow items out of the Underdark.

v5: Added non-romantic options to talks 14 and 15; added additional drow-reactions to some of the various NPCs throughout the game; fixed first quest timer.
v4. Fixed a bug which prevented the party from resting if a particular option was chosen in her dream script. Added an option to end Yasraena's romance while keeping Viconia's intact. Added insulting breakup dialogues. Fixed a bug preventing the female friendship from progressing past the first talk. Added extra jealousy conversation for male PCs and Divalir. (He is only jealous of males with 15+ CHA.) Added opportunity to tell Divalir how you feel about Yasraena (if you, in fact, do feel that way). Added a mind-flayer area interjection.

v3: Fixed a possible bug with the TOB encounter not firing properly if you had summoned in Viconia as your lover. Added additional interjections with voicing (Belmin Gergas, Patricia, Kveroslava, Immy's kidnapping). Added a friendship track for female PCs.
v2: Adjusted the Elhan interjection triggers and adjusted an NPC portrait, thanks to XVIII. Adjusted her weapon coding so that she can now safely drink strength potions.
v1: The initial release of the Yasraena Mod.

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Updated 14 August 2014