Willie Bruce Mod

Excellent portrait done by XVIII.

This is the page where you can download the Willie Bruce BGII--SoA & ToB NPC mod.

This mod is inspired by jcompton's idea to have an International Bruce Day, which is the celebration of the cockney barfighter one-day NPC, Bruce. This NPC is rude, drunk, sexist, and racist. His views/comments/opinions do not reflect the beliefs of the coder/writers/voicer.

Version history:
v1: The initial release of the Willie Bruce Mod.
v1.1: Corrected the problem with the string fixer spouting Kindrek's lines.
v2: Corrected typos.
Added Kveroslava interaction.
Added chav quest.
Introduction of his dear ol' mum.
Added pub quest.
- Traified the mod
- Added German translation by Cronox
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-WillyBAudioInstall.bat
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-WillyBAudioUninstall.bat
- Deleted old version numbers in each setup.tra
- Added VERSION flag
- Updated WeiDU v210

Download the Willie Bruce Mod

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Updated 03 July 2010