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Praise for Tsujatha:
I am so... enthralled... The Tsujatha mod . . . is one of the most breathtaking, erotic, spellbinding and yes... endearing love stories I have read --- let alone participated in --- in a long time. In turn, it makes (me) laugh, cry, smile, and fall in love....Thank you, Sillara. I'm totally captivated by your mod, and I'm only about halfway through the story. (Kai of CandleKeep)

I just finished and I have to say that you have created a hero, Sillara. You should be very proud. Tsujatha is a mod that I would play over and over and never get tired of it. Thank you! ( Catseye)

finished it yesterday . . . love it to death. such a sad ending though....... in a happy way (captainsavvy)

Tsujatha is the best mage in the game (if you can live without illusion spells). (Ieldra)

Just finished soa/tob. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this mod. It was great, Tsujatha is a wonderful character. Thanks again! The ending for tob was beautiful. ( Adia)

Currently playing v.5 and I think this mod is brilliant!! I, too, want to say thank you, I LOVE Tsujatha!! Yeah he is my favorite npc, you created such a wonderful character! (Rillian)

Sillara, I have to admit you really outdid yourself with this mod. It's the most original and creative NPC I've played yet. ( Twinblades2)

I have to thank you too. Tsujatha was so great. The best romance I had . . . . Will you go on with building mods? I hope it so much. (Iscariot)

Tsujatha is best NPC mod and best male character in whole game. (Alexanderrr)

It aren't just hopeless romantic women who find dark brooding people, and that includes Tsujatha, attractive, though I too find him irresistable, and yes I'm male, if you haven't guessed yet. ( Moongaze)

I'm having a great time with your mod, Sillara. =) He's intriguing, charming, funny, dark and romantic at once. I was surprised how readily I switched to only him, when I had planned on giving Edwin and Valygar a fair chance in the first round . . . .So kudos, and thanks. (Dancer Fitz)

By the way Sillara if you're listening, I know you get this a lot, but Tsujatha rocks. (Togashi Renshi)

I thank you for this great mod. Continue your good work. (Djoull)

First the well-deserved praise: I love this mode. This is the first romance option I could actually see a heterosexual female pursuing. ( Darkfire)

Hallo Sillara! First of of all, thank you for Tsujatha, I think he is great. (Olga)

Oh, I just can't wait! Thank you so so very much for making this mod, it's absolutly wonderful! I'm so excited for the ToB portion to come out, you're the greatest Sillara! (alicornsoulsword)

Tsujatha is GOD, by the way. So intense... *dreamy sigh* (Sin)

He is just irresistable.... (Rillian)

Its just sexy when Tsujatha raise his eye-brow. (Iscariot)

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first read about him, as I wasn't sure how a character from an entirely new world would fit into Faerun, but you've really worked wonders with him, Sillara. This is the first time I've ever been able to get through the game without romancing Kelsey..very nice to have such a great alternative. And the voice. Wow. All I can say is that I want more! Move over Kelsey, Tsujatha's in town! (Melisande)

Overview: The Tsujatha module brings a totally new type of character to the Baldur's Gate II game. Tsujatha is not native to Faerun; he comes from a world he calls Gilalion. His presence in Faerun is the result of his quest for a stolen family heirloom. Tsujatha is an ambitious Elven necromancer to whom the whole idea of Bhaalspawn means nothing. Indeed, as a stranger to Faerun, there will doubtless be many things that catch him by surprise. The painting above is a representation of Tsujatha (he is the taller Elven male). The other two Elves are people from his past, the identity of whom can be discovered by playing the module. If you want to know all about Tsujatha's past and how it relates to his quest, we recommend you romance him. Though evil, he will romance only good-aligned, Elven, half-Elven, or Human females.

Brief Biography: Tsujatha is well-acquainted with the cruelty of the world. He was a foundling, raised by unloving foster parents in ignorance of his true parentage. It was not until he came of age that he learned he was the son of the greatest Elven traitor in all the history of Gilalion. His father sought to extend his life by using his infant son as a vessel for his power, but the traitor died, and Tsujatha was awoken prematurely. Tsujatha grew tall and strong, for his heritage is Tamari, a race of desert-warrior Elves. But unlike his peers, he did not grow to become a warrior but found at a young age that he was gifted with the power of magic. Those youths who taunted him at play in the streets of Vilohnar learned painfully what it was to earn the enmity of a short-tempered wizard. As he grew into adulthood, Tsujatha discovered the truth of his existence and fought against the shadow and legacy of his father. He is an accomplished magician who has traveled many a weary adventuring road, though he has, when he meets the PC, seen nothing of Faerun. He has come to Toril in search of the thief who stole his family's most prized heirloom.

Statistics: Tsujatha is an Elven necromancer of considerable power. He is well-muscled and stands 6'6", quite an oddity for an Elf in Faerun. His long hair is black, and his wide-set eyes are silver. His skin is a rich gold.

STR 17
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 19
WIS 16
CHA 14
AGE: 141
CLASS: Necromancer
HP: 43

Mod Details: Tsujatha can be picked up in the Planar Sphere. It is highly recommended that you pick him up as soon as possible, as he has extensive banters/interactions with the PC and all Bioware NPCs throughout the game. His quest is to retrieve a stolen family heirloom which he refers to as the Riosé Sar (he has tracked the thief to Faerun but has recently lost the trail). Since none of the NPCs, nor the PC for that matter, understand Gilalion Elven, and since Tsujatha is reluctant to go into detail about the Riosé Sar, you will just have to wait till he retrieves it to find out what it is.

This is a copyrighted painting by Amy K. Brown. 2003.

Version history:

v15 - Encoded the translation files so they work for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

v14 - Made compatible for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.
- Updated to WeiDU v235
- There is no ar1800.bcs (North Forest) in the game. The mod could not install the spawn points related to his quest. Had the mod EXTEND_TOP to the ar1800, which now creates the area script that is needed.

v13: - Added Russian translation by Tamethis, Tajok, Stella, Daoine Sidhe, Aldanis Darkwood, Prowler, aerie.ru
- Changed to README command
- Moved Setup-Tsujatha.tp2 and Setup-TsujathaAudioUninstall.bat into the mod folder
- Updated to WeiDU v215

v12: - Updated Spanish translation
- Updated German translation
- Added German audio
- Deleted English lines in the other LANGUAGE sections of the TP2
- Fixed DPLAYER2.baf for compatibility with other mods
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-TsujathaAudioInstall.bat
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-TsujathaAudioUninstall.bat
- Deleted the old version numbers in each setup-Tsujatha.tra
- Added VERSION flag
- Updated WeiDU v210

V11: Added French translation.

v10: More German fixes.
A Spanish translation!!

v9: Fixed bugs with the German translation. (It is in other ways identical to v8.)

v8: Added German translation. Thank you, Iscariot!
Added a new alternate portrait by Muse.
Fixed a bug preventing the romance music from firing in the on-rest LoveTalks.
Fixed Tsujatha's .cre, removing the early seventh-level spells and giving him the correct number of WP.
Altered Tsujatha's invalid (due to absence/unconsciousnes) interjections.
Added the option to access Tsujatha's string-fixer even when his flirts are disabled.
Cleaned up his interjections bugged when Weidu was updated.
Added additional Tsujatha-initiated flirts.
Added additional Slayer interjections.
Added new conversation with a female counterpart to Salvanas.
Added additional Viconia banter.
Attempted (again!) to fix the "Tsujatha tries to leave at high Rep" glitch.
Cleaned up some sloppy coding in his first dialogue with Flan Brel.

v7: Added romance music.
Fixed (I hope!) a bug with his generic jealousy dialogue.
Fixed the Double-Bodhi bug.
Fixed Tsujatha's trying to leave the party at high reputation!

v6: Fixed a bug which prevented one of Tsujatha's epilogues from showing up.
Added additional choices to the Bodhi-rescue scene.
Added a possible extra item in TOB.
Adjusted the string-fixer so that it can be accessed if you are not romancing Tsujatha.

v5.2: Fixed a bug in Tsujatha's string-fixer which caused his name to become @1.
Fixed a few typos in Tsujatha's B file.

v5.1: Fixed a glitch in Tsujatha's Volo conversation which caused a loop if Tsujatha was not in the party.

v5: Tsujatha's jealousy is now fixed to prevent cheating.
Fixed the audio uninstall.
Fixed a glitch causing you to possibly be able to get the generic jealousy talk every time you force-talked if you had chosen to end the romance.
Fixed an error causing Anomen's conflict to fire even if you had ended Tsujatha's romance beforehand.
Added a string-fixer. Just use the force-talk option and tell Tsujatha there is something wrong with him.
Fixed a .tp2 error which caused Sorkyst to spout .tp2 lines when encountering Tsujatha.

v4.2: Fixed the bug caused by the LoveTalks NOT firing in Bodhi's lair. The mod will now install properly again.

v4.1: Fixed a bug that prevented the party from gaining XP when dealing with the guard in the Prison.
Fixed incompatibility with Ascension. You can still get the in-romance epilogue without killing Balthazar.
Fixed the LoveTalks firing in Bodhi's lair, which for some reason is not considered a dungeon.
Fixed a mention of the PC's heritage in the thief class-specific talk.

v4: Added voicing.
Added TOB content.
Added additional interjections.
Added .tra files.
Fixed a bug preventing Conster from spawning upstairs in Firkraag's lair.
Added original Tsujatha portrait.

v3: Fixed various typos.
Fixed a bit of code that set Anomen's RA to 3 if Valygar's romance was active.
Added a "TOB required" note.
Fixed the spawning of Sorkyst's Goons without Sorkyst if Tsujatha was not in the party. None of them will now appear if Tsujatha is not there.
Altered the Tsujatha/Aerie dialogue which mentioned Jaheira. It will now make sense even if Jaheira is not in the party.
Added another possible branch at the Tree of Life, accounting for the possibility of not having completed Tsujatha's quest.
Added a bit of explanation concering the Riose Sar.

v2: Fixed various typos and the spawning of the Proxy even if Tsujatha had never left your party.
Ajusted dialogues with Bioware NPCs to bring the portrayal of the Biowares more in line with their original conceptions.
Altered Sorkyst's spawn point to the North Forest to avoid conflict with the Tactics mod. Also fixed Sorkyst's slow approach to Tsujatha. Sorkyst will now initiate dialogue from where he stands.
Fixed a bug that caused Tsujatha to try to escape the area when you accepted the bard stronghold.
Fixed a bug that caused a possible infinite loop of Tsujatha's post-quest speech.
Altered Sorkyst's giants to not appear in a berserk state.

v1.2: Fixed the Fireheart necklace to work properly for Neutral Good PCs.

v1.1: Altered .cre to cast spells properly; corrected the .tp2 to make sure the .d files compile properly.

v1: Original, official release.

Updated 14 August 2014