Saerileth Romance Mod

This is the page where you can download the Saerileth BGII--SoA & ToB NPC romance mod.

Praise for the Saerileth Mod

This mod is incredible, honestly. One of the better ones that I have played.
--Togashi Renshi

'Grats nethrin and Sillara on (another) good MoD!!

First off I have to say great mod. This is the only reason I would ever play as a guy.

Saerileth seems to have something to say at every point in the game, and the interjections are all within character. Bravo!

Actually quit lurking and got an account just to say I'm impressed with the mod.

Were it not for the fact that I love Tsujatha so, I mightn't be tempted to even bother with a female Charname again for a while. [Saerileth]'s absolutely wonderful!

I've completed the Saerileth Romance from the beginning of SoA 'till the very end of ToB, and ended with a very satisfying epilogue. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I have helped to beta test Saerileth fairly solidly for a month or so. I still want to go back and play her again now the main release is out.

--Sir Kalthorine

And I must say I love this Mod. Really Great Work!!!!!

Tried her yesterday and DAMN she is definitely one of my fave party members already. Nice voicing on her too by the way.

Definitely one of the best NPC modules I've ever played (and I've played quite a few!). Saerileth is very well and thoughtfully written, in fact the writing displays a clarity of prose and the module is fluent in all its entirety.

Although there are a bunch of great mods out, Saerileth actually felt like a part of the adventure and not just a bunch of scripted lines. Fantastic job done on this mod!!!

Who needs them when you can get Saerileth?


Once again, Nethrin and Sillara have proven to be possibly one of the best modding teams on the web.

I can now never again play an evil character or choose to ascend to godhood. I just love Saerileth too much.

Henceforth, Saerileth will be the yardstick with which I shall measure all other NPC mods.

For those of you who follow the NBA, Saerileth is really a lot like LeBron James. The most hyped talent to come along for years, so much expectation, so much riding on his/her young shoulders. Yet exceeds everyone's wildest dreams. Bravo . . . . If I gave Baldur's Gate II and Saerileth to someone who'd never heard of it before, they wouldn't be able to tell she wasn't part of the original game.


Sillara and Nethrin, you guys have put together what adds up to be a thoroughly impressive mod. And when I say impressive, what I mean is knock you out of your seat and onto your posterior, impressive.

If I could meet someone like Saerileth in real life, I'd be the happiest man on earth . . . . I had . . . decided to go face Bodhi . . . . I expected the usual routine: abduction, discover undead lover, kill undead lover, take corpse to Amaunator statue, etc. However, I was taken completely by surprise by your original approach to this situation. It was a very fun experience, and took advantage of Saerileth's station and background quite well. Well done! As usual, setting the example for others to follow, if they don't want to look like last week's leftovers.

Saerileth is in fact the only Baldur's Gate 2 mod in a long time where I haven't at least once felt the need to speed up the talks just a bit either because I was to impatient to play through it all again just to see a new character.

Incredibly rich mod. Thanx.

Saerileth is superb. Best piece of modding done on BG2 I've ever seen. Best piece of modding done at all. Best of the best simply. She seems to have something to say anytime she is supposed to, what she says is always clear and appropriate and...she's just perfect.

I remember romancing Viccy in my unenlightened pre-Saeri days. [The Saerileth mod] is the only thing I can think of that would get me to play ToB again.

The Saerileth mod is absolutely wonderful and have played through V3 from beginning to end. Best mod I've played yet . . . Saerileth and Fade gave me a reason to go back to playing with a male PC. Can't bring myself to break poor Saerileth's heart; she's just such a believable character, really immerses the player in the story.

I couldn't contain myself and I just have to say Saerileth is a great mod. Without a doubt I consider Saerileth to be one of the best mods I have ever played. The interaction/interjections that occur and the quests are fantastic. Ultimately, this proves to me that Nethrin and Sillara are two of the most capable [NPC] modders I have ever seen.

Thou hast truly created a masterwork.

I have just started the romance (I'd had Saerileth briefly in my party before but I was female) and I am utterly smitten with her. She is so sweet and kind but so mature too... Wonderful!
--Miss Sakaki

Just wanted to voice my opinion on this romance mod ... it is the BEST, bar none. I have been playing BGII for about 5 years, and I have tried tons of mods, including most of the romances, and Saerileth beats them all by a MILE! Very nicely done ... you deserve an award!

Saerileth [has] proved to be quite the blast! My congrats on her, nethrin, Sillara and any other who helped out in creating/developing her! The romance and her interjections are quite the refreshment, making BG2 quite that game to play again, just for Saerileth.

The things that Saerileth says, and where she says them, are excellent . . . Also the interjections come at just the right moments, and she seems to always have the right thing to say.
I bet that if you had the same equipment that Bioware used when they were recording the voices, Saerileth would blend in *perfectly* with the rest of the game.
(Oh, and I love the accent she has. ) Well done on an excellent mod!

I have never met a BG2 NPC who loves me like Saerileth loves me. This mod should be ordered by our doctor when we feel a bit down and sad.

The fact remains that the Saerileth mod is so good that the other poster said it perfectly. Someone could not tell that it was not part of the original game. I am continually surprised by both nethrin and Sillara. They seem to work daily on this project and put so much effort into making it the best mod available. Just looking at the other boards show how many other mods start out strong and fade after a week or two . . . . Love it when the 20th of the month rolls around!!!!

I would like to thank you, creators! Saeri is one of the best mods I have ever tried!

What can I say? I love the mod, and it is really very engrossing; it's one of the most well done mods I have played, and I have played alot of mods.

First off, I want to congratulate both of you on a superb NPC mod, . . . . [and] your girl Saerileth is definitely on the top end of the spectrum in this regard, a real part of the world and a joy to have around.... And then there's the romance. Sweet, merciful Tyr, the romance. Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for something like this? I'm not a therapist, I'm not a counsellor, I'm a monk, dang it! I'm sick of dealing with Aerie's wing-complex, Jahaera's fears of losing another love, or Vicconia's struggle to understand that there might actually be ONE person on the surface who is actually looking out for her. It is so refreshing that Saerileth doesn't bring so much baggage with her, that she doesn't have an psychological problems

This is by far one of the most detail mod I've ever played, Saeri has injection dialogue for almost every event and quest. Good or bad this mod deserve an A for the effort, since it's also good so I guess it's an A+. I'm quite fond of the dialogue, some of the lines have me leave the chair to roll the floor in a good way.

I am simply amazed by this mod. The amount of interaction is simply astonishing . . . . Had I not known better, I would have thought she was an ordinary bioware NPC.

I think this is a great mod. It's obvious that a lot of care and attention has gone into it, and for that I am grateful.

Saeri is so... real... S and N are definately doing such wonderful work that breathes new life into BGII for those of us who have played it so often over the years that we thought that we may have to move on. Now I no longer want to. It is almost a whole new game to me.

This Mod is a sociological event . . . . the romance is the best I have played so far.

Damn...she's just like a real woman...sometimes you just don't know what her reaction may be, or you know what it will be but don't know when it will hit you...

I can only say that Saerileth is beautifully created mod!!!
--crovax en-vec

This is truly a fine mod. It changes the entire character of the game.

You gits! You wonderful, talented, evocative gits! . . . . Saeri raises the bar for all of us. Mediocrity in mod writing will not be accepted once you play this character...
--Mistress Elysia

Must needs doff my helm and bow low in thanks and awe for this wondrous mod.

I must say that Saerileth is easily the finest NPC mod I have ever played. My congratulations and thanks to the authors/programmers and others.

[Saerileth] has a well-developed personality, and romancing her has been more fun that it ever was with the Bioware NPC's . . . . all in all, this must be one of the best mods for BG2 that I've ever tried, especially because I enjoyed the quests that came with her.

Just finished ToB with Saerileth. I can' t put into words my impression of this great mod . . . . "kneels down and gives praises to Sillara and nethrin"

I LOVED this mod. can't give enough credit. two epilouges, expansive romance and several cool portaits.

Thanks for the best NPC mod I've played to date.

Resplendent! A wonderful mod just keeps getting better.
--Simon Darkshade

Perfect voice acting, beautiful portrait and a great character. I never really liked romances in the original game, so I wasn't planning on romancing Saerileth either. My current character is a rather mean (though good) bountyhunter. Everytime she speaks to him, I hover above the not-so-nice answer for about 40 seconds, only to give in and say something nice after all.

The Saerileth mod is by far one of my favorite mods available, and one of my favorite NPC's-not even Kelsey seems to be such a polished, well-built mod.

This mod is a definite ‘must play'. From beginning to end, this mod maintains a commitment to delivering a believable and playable NPC. There are loads of small details throughout the game that left me with a clear vision of a fully-developed and in-depth character. It's that attention to detail which sets the truly exceptional apart from the merely good.

Saerileth is a 15-year-old human paladin of Tyr. She hails from Mount Celestia in the Outer Planes. She is young, romanceable (for good-aligned humans, elves, and half-elves), and beautiful. She is complete through ToB, and she has quests and a flirt/chatpack. She brings with her three new areas for SoA, two SoA quests, and a ToB quest. Saerileth is a young woman of deep religious conviction and certainty. She has extensive voicing, banters, and interjections. And Saerileth will love you like no other. We hope you will play her mod repeatedly.

Special thanks to the following people (no particular order): Revan, Sir Kalthorine, Slumlord, Sevariat, Moongaze, toughluck, jcompton, CamDawg, SimDing0, Sir-Kill, Benjamin, Kai of Candlekeep, Nome, BearThing, Wistrik, Feanor, Nome, XVIII, serdrick, and Dellaster. And thanks to all CoM forum members! You guys rock, and this mod is for you.

Version history:
v1: The initial release of the Saerileth Mod.

v2: Fixed many typos.
Altered Saerileth's level to 10 and changed her hit points.
Altered script which triggers her first quest.
Altered Saerileth's starting coordinates in the Temple District.
Altered Saerileth's Chromatic Demon interjection in WK.
Added drow lust-chamber reaction.
Fixed arrows of ice for sale in the Saerileth mod store.
Gave vamped Saerileth additional dialogue.
Updated Saerileth's LoveTalk Music.
Added Lazarus/Hectan interjection in Saradush.
Altered demons to devils.
Added Carsomyr interjection.
Altered kidnapping-demon's moniker.
Added Lady Elgea interjection (with romance consequences).
Added Sethle (gravekeeper) interjection.
Added Yoshimo betrayal interjection.
Added Yoshimo heart interjection.
Fixed Nalia-kidnapping interjection.
Fixed a bug which prevented her friendship talks sequence from firing.
Fixed NPC-NPC romance trigger.
Added Claire, Sanik, and Ginia interjections.
Fixed response error in Saerileth 'divorce' LoveTalk.
Added Valygar joining interjection.
Added Mazzy imprisonment interjection.
Added first Phaere innuendo interjection.
Added hunted surface elf interjection.
Expanded some of the epilogues.
Fixed glitch in Saerileth-Phaere sequence.
Expanded fireside LoveTalk.
Added temple district cult prophet interjection.
Fixed infinite healing in devil's script.
Added Saradush harlot interjection.

v3: Corrected diction.
Added thief stronghold interjections.
Added Knights of Solamnia interjection.
Added Lavok interjection.
Added Abyss (Planar Sphere quest) interjection.
Added post-Spellhold Imoen dialogue for romance variable.
Fixed typos and clerical errors.
Another alternate portrait by Telmar added.
Fixed script error preventing two LTs from firing.
Added Altheia interjection.
Corrected her initial spell memorization.
Altered script which triggers first quest.
Adjusted script of vamped Saerileth.

v4: Corrected typos.
Added Anomen Knight/NotKnight comments and consequences.
Fixed the script and lengthened the timer for the NPC/NPC romance.
Added Svirfneblin city Balor interjection.
Added Wellyn and Llynis interjections.
Added Matron Mother betrayal comment.
Added Demogorgon altar content.
Added Soul Reaver check.
Added Unholy Avenger check.
Altered useability of Saerileth's ring.
Fixed LT error about Imoen and Chapter checks.
Fixed Saerileth's scroll icon.
Added various Tradmeet-quest interjections.
Added Saradush resurrection interjection.
Tweaked Renfeld interjection.
Renamed portraits to Bioware specifications.
Added Edwin murder interjection.
Fixed Talos necklace interjection.
Added kissing succubus interjection in Watcher's Keep.
Fixed the coding glitch which caused Saerileth to try to initiate LoveTalks after she had finished them.
Fixed friendship track talks.
Corrected LT 13's dialogue path.
Altered Saerileth's vamping/kidnapping cutscene.
Fixed a trigger in the NPC/NPC romance which prevented the final LT from firing if you had previously tried to romance her.
Updated Saerileth's default portrait.

v5: Added an extra flirt that allows Saerileth to rejoin your party in Baator.
Fixed a glitch in Edorem's last LT, allowing the party to rest.
Fixed scripting error which prevented a cutscene from ending.
Fixed scripting error which prevented her 7th ToB lovetalk from firing.
Corrected typos.
Replaced two Sigil store items with better ones.
Added lost child in the docks interjection.
Added Kangaxx body parts reactions.
Added Blackrazor reaction.
Added Human Skin Armor reaction.
Altered descriptions of three Sigil store items.
Corrected continuity error in drow lust chambers.
Added "flowers for Saerileth" sequence.
Corrected incorrect transfer of PC options in Imnesvale Mayor talk.
Altered NPC/NPC romance to only fire if the PC does not qualify to romance Saerileth.
Added two new epilogues.
Added Carsomyr interjection.
Fixed timing issue with ToB Cyric Lovetalk.
Altered voiced line that mispronounces Cyric's name.
Altered ToB quest NPCs' scripting.
Added friendship-track "love declaration" for male PC.
Altered trigger for her first quest if in-romance.
Added alternate route to Spellhold (reputation-dependent option).
Fixed interjections.
Added Haer'Dalis interjections in Sigil.
Added journal entries for Bodhi-napping.

v6: Corrected a rejoining error after her vamping.
Corrected typos.
Fixed chapter global incrementation (2 to 3) in new Spellhold route.
Added description for Saerileth's crown.
Fixed quirk in J file that likes to randomly jump from one interjection to another, chaining them together.
Fixed Havun's infinite offers to take you to Spellhold.
Fixed reaction to Blackrazor.
Added description to Hammer of Tyr.
Added reaction to wanton slaying of Anomen.
Fixed Saerileth's long-distance joining dialogue.
Corrected her the spells memorization on her .cre.
Added three new LoveTalks.
Added Salvanas-PC post-Saerileth-pickup interaction.
Lengthened LT timer.
Altered Cleric of Tyr's spawn point.
Added a bit of explanation of new Spellhold path.
Fixed dragon's script and breath weapon.
Added reaction to PC's near-fainting in the asylum maze.
Corrected portrait naming issue that prevented display of her epilogue portrait.
Fixed scripting error in her interjection about Lathander statuette.
Added three new flirts (2 SoA, 1 ToB).
Fixed a bug in LT 6.
Fixed a bug in the Saerileth/Korgan fight.
Fixed a bug in the Saerileth/Anomen fight.
Fixed a bug in the Imoen LT.

v7: Fixed scripting error for her Windspear Hills LT.
Corrected LT scripting.
Tweaked Ogre-Knights interjection.
Corrected Journal Entry error in her joining dialogue.
Included optional "killable Edorem."
Fixed Saerileth banter which refers to Squire Anomen even after he passes test.
Corrected typos.
Added portrait change for sexy Saeri in ToB.
Added more flirts for SoA and ToB.
Fixed continuity error in Havun's initial conversation.
Fixed chapter progression between Chs. 2 & 3 for Saerileth's alternate route to Spellhold.
Fixed error in LT 16.
Tweaked options in chat about how CHARNAME is feeling.
Fixed error in romance-ending option in Slayer LT.
Again, tweaked description of Hammer of Tyr.
Added additional epilogue for in-romance Elves.
Fixed a bug causing two of Saerileth's TOB LTs to fire for female PCs.
Fixed the bug which allowed the PC to work for the Order as well as Aran or Bodhi.
Corrected oversight which allowed Havun to spawn in after chapter 5.
Added an acquaintance of Haer'Dalis' to Sigil.

v8: Corrected typos.
Fixed incorrect chapter increments in alternate path to Spellhold.
Added toughluck's new Saerileth portraits.
Fixed Brynnlaw coordinates for a chapter 4 abduction.
Made the Paladin-only LT available earlier.
Added Cernd and Keldorn reactions to Saerileth romance.
Fixed pearl flirt.
Added post-Demogorgon interjection.
Coded against Azuredge and Firetooth (dagger).
Fixed Phaere option if Saerileth is not in the party.
Tweaked descriptions of Elemental and Hermes' shields.
Slightly tweaked the Charisma-item-stripping sequence.
Tweaked Edorem's .cre to prevent the "has nothing to say to you" in Hell bug.
Cleared up the Spellhold confusion in Havun's dialogue.
Altered the some of the conditions under which Saerileth will leave the party.
Made Saerileth permanently dead under certain conditions in her TOB quest.
Added a mention of the wedding in TOB.

v9: Fixed Elven epilogue crashing error.
Corrected Hammer of Tyr description--AGAIN.
Added different reaction from Prelate Wessalen if Saerileth's path to Spellhold is taken.

v10: Fixed "shout across the Temple District" bug.
Fixed Saeri's accidental TOB flirtations with ALL PCs.
Altered Saerileth's reaction to the death of Demogorgon in SOA and/or TOB.
Fixed slight error in Saerileth's crown.
Fixed slight error in the Hammer of Tyr.
Fixed slight error in Hermes' Shield.
Fixed slight error in the Elemental Shield.
Added a reward after the death of Demogorgon.
Coded against Hangard's Axe.
Added TOB coding against Hangard's Axe, Firetooth (dagger), and Azuredge.
Fixed double rest after the potion gift.
Added Ring of Gaxx comments.
Fixed possible looping Saemon talk.
Slightly weakened the purple dragon.
Added a new option to the Sir Clarenshide conversation.
Altered the Charisma-item sequences.
Added two new epilogues.
Added new possibilities to the Master Wraith sequence.
Added new possibility to the Cyric Hell trial.

v11: Corrected typos.
Fixed a bug which prevented Edorem from speaking when he returned the party in chapters 4 or 5.
Added German translation.

v12: Corrected typos.
Fixed installation bug causing ONLY German installs.

v13: Added tisunpack, which for some reason we had forgotten!

v14: - Added Spanish translation by Clan DLAN
- Traified SAERIFIX.baf
- Added all languages for SAERIFIX.tra
- Fixed traified bug in BSAERILE.d
- Added German audio
- Deleted wrong lines in NStisunpack.bat
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-SaerilethAudioInstall.bat
- Corrected @echo off command in Setup-SaerilethAudioUninstall.bat
- Deleted old version numbers in each setup.tra
- Added VERSION flag
- Updated WeiDU v210

v15: - Lollorian's OR() fix in Scripts/NSEDOREM.baf
- Lollorian's replacements in Scripts/NSGOSPHD.baf
- Added Russian translation by Alex, Pilferer, Serdrick &
- Updated Spanish translation
- Changed to README command
- Moved Setup-Saerileth.tp2, Setup-SaerilethAudioUninstall.bat and NStisunpack.bat into the mod folder
- Updated to WeiDU v215

v16: - Added Czech translation by emanus.

v17: - Made compatible for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

v18: - Encoded the translation files for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

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