Spoilers! Item Upgrade Recipes

Go no further young warrior unless you want to know the riddle of steel. ;)

MAFORG01 Improved Butter Knife of Balduran Need:
misc1b (Butter Knife of Balduran)
dagg01 Dagger

+2 Butter Knife (dagger)

MAFORG02 Improved Spider’s Bane Need:
sw2h06 Spider's Bane
misc60 Spider's Body

Spider's Bane that does poison damage

MAFORG03 Improved Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue Need:
sw1h24 Flame Tongue +1
potn13 Potion of Fiery Burning

Flame Tongue +1 (+1 fire damage)

MAFORG04 Improved Scimitar +2 Need:
sw1h23 Scimitar +2
boot01 Boots of Speed

Scimitar +2 with being under the spell of Haste

MAFORG05 Improved Ring of Fire Resistance Need:
ring02 Ring of Fire Resistance
scrl06 Scroll of Fire Protection
potn02 Potion of Fire Resistance

Ring of Fire Resistance at 60%

MAFORG06 Improved Helm of Balduran Need:
helm07 Helm of Balduran
misc20 Succubus hair (Kirinhale)

Helm of Balduran AC at 2 instead of 1

MAFORG07 Improved Chainmail +3 (Chain mail +3: 'Mail of the Dead') Need:
chan03 Chain Mail +3
misc42 Diamond
potn24 Potion of Defense

Improved Chain Mail at AC2

MAFORG08 Improved Long Bow +2 Need:
bow04 Long Bow +1
brac07 Bracers of Dexterity

Long Bow +2 with +1 to Dexterity

MAFORG09 Improved Eagle Bow Need:
bow08 Eagle Bow
brac07 Bracers of Dexterity

Eagle Bow +2 with +1 to Dexterity

MAFORG10 Improved Girdle of Piercing ‘Elves’ Bane’ Need:
belt04 Girdle of Piercing
potn05 Potion of Fire Giant Strength

Improved Girdle of Piercing ‘Elves’ Bane’ with Strength set at 22

MAFORG11 Improved Battle Axe +2 Need:
ax1h03 Battle Ax +2
helm14 Kiel's Helm
misc2d Kiel's Wardstone

Improved Battle Axe +2 with +10 to hit points